Meetings / Join the ASM


The regular monthly ASM meetings offer a world of variety for members. Some months may include a lecture on a certain aspect of magic, some months may involve hands-on workshops where members learn new skills. Some months feature competitions or quizzes and every month provides members with the opportunity to both view and perform magic.


Our schedule for 2018:

Feb 12 – Magic Auction
Mar 19 – AGM & Workshop
Apr 09 – Lecture – Barry Govan
May 14 – ASM’s Got Talent
May 28 – Lecture  – Paul Richards
Jun 18 – Lecture – Christian Schenk
Jul 09 – Magic Olympics
Aug 13 – Workshop
Sep 10 – Magic Market Place
Oct 8 – Palms and Controls
Nov 12 – Workshop
Dec 10 – Magic Competition & Xmas Party


Become a Member of the ASM

If you have a genuine interest in the Art of Magic you should consider joining the ASM. The ASM caters for magicians of all skill levels and interests. Whether you are an amateur, a semi-professional of a full-time professional you will be welcome as an ASM member. The procedure for joining the ASM is as follows;


Step 1. Come along to a couple of Meetings

The first step to joining the ASM is to attend a couple of meetings and see if you like the club. Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month (excluding January) at:

Royal Historical Society of Victoria

239 A’Beckett Street
Melbourne Vic. 3000

If you would like to attend an ASM meeting, please contact us (see contacts page) for more details.

Step 2. Apply for membership

Once you apply for membership your details are published in the club’s newsletter, “Magic Makers” for two months, giving existing members the chance to comment on your application.

Step 3. Perform

Normally, prospective members are asked to perform some magic during the performing section of a monthly meeting.? This requirement exists so that perspective members can demonstrate their interest and in magic. For some perspective members this is their first time in front of an audience, for others it it simply another gig. The advantage of performing at the ASM is that you are performing for fellow magicians, in a welcoming environment.

Step 4. Membership Acceptance

After the proceeding steps have been completed new members are inducted into the club, normally at a small ceremony prior to a normal monthly meeting. Once inducted, you become a full member, with all the rights and privileges awarded to membership.

Does membership in the ASM appeal to you? if so contact us now and come along and meet us!